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Help Kenya Children Rescue Centre is a christian charitable institution that works to help impoverished children grow into self sustained adults.

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Help Kenya is a Christian non-profit organization working with the children in Kenya. It begun in December 2014.The Centre was developed to give hope to children highlighted under the scope section.

However, We are equally committed to and will never discriminate against or withhold care from a child of a different religion, worldview, or persuasion.

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Our Friends

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Technical University of Kenya (Hospitality Students)

Our History

Help Kenya was established to give hope to the children who are orphaned, abandoned, rejected by family due to diseases or otherwise state, children whose families are very needy and Special cases like victims of Rape, FGM or Prostitution.

To help needy children become self supported adults.

To Relief Poverty, promote access to quality Education and welfare services to Needy Children

Help Kenya Currently has 4 Orphanages which houses 60 Orphaned and needy children; in need of care and protection.

Our Main Objectives

Help Kenya Children Rescue Centre strive to achieve the following objectives
To meet the following needs

Physical Needs

Children with little to no shelter or food and not even basic medical care are at risk. Providing for their physical needs means that no one takes advantage of their vulnerability

Educational Needs

A quality education and/or practical vocational training gives children the means to opportunities for a brighter future.

Emotional Needs

To grow and nurture children inside the love of a family protects them from the trade of any kind, and raises them into responsible emotionally mature adults.

Spiritual Needs

When children are introduced to the incomparable love of Jesus Christ, the children are introduced to a new and accurate vision of themselves

Our Scope

The Centre was developed to give hope to children who are

Abandoned Children

Children who are abandoned by both or one parent and do not have a care giver

Ophaned Children

Children who lost both of the parents and do not have an able or willing caregiver

Rejected Children

Children rejected by family and relatives due to disease or otherwise stated

Needy Families

Children whose parents or caregivers are very needy and not in a position to provide for their basic needs due to illness or other reasons.

Special Casee

Children whose one or both parents are mentally or terminally ill,victims of Rape, who are at risk of or have been forced into early marriage


Children at risk of or are involved in prostitution or and drug and substance abuse.

Our Works

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Children enjoying the dolls

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Water purification System

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Keeping the bodies fit

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Get in Touch

We invite you to join us in changing the lives of of our Children. We will appreaciate your
Donation or Volunteership . Please get in touch.

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P: (+254) 724744452
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